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Short Term Rentals



Short Term Rental Information

A "short-term rental" (STR) or vacation rental is the renting or leasing of a furnished home, cabin, condominium, one (1) unit of a multifamily unit, modular living unit or mobile home or recreational vehicle for a short-term stay, either on a daily or weekly basis for twenty-nine (29) or fewer days during a one-month period.

The Board of Trustees have established (12) twelve Short-Term Rental divisions within the Town of South Fork. (Attached as Appendix A)

a. Short-Term Rental percentages are capped at 13 percent of the total number of housing units within those divisions; except, divisions 1, 4 and 8.

b. Divisions 1, 4 and 8 have been designated as high capacity Short-Term Rentals based upon their development and or current high capacity of Short-Term Rentals. 

c. Divisions 1, 4 and 8 do not have an established percentage cap.

d. Cap limits shall be reflected as a whole number.  Decimal values will not be considered.  Caps of 13 percent are acceptable, 14 percent is not.


Short-Term Rental Division Map

Division 1 (Rio Vista and Vista Del Rio)-No Cap 

Division 2 (Riverside Estates, Hudson's Sentinal Mtn Club, and Deer Park)-is at 7%

Division 3 (County Road 15, Highland Meadows)-is at 11%

Division 4 (Big River Way)-No Cap

Division 5 (River Greens, Rivers Edge Mtn Views and Riviere Estates)-is at 9%

Division 6 (Ponderosa Estates, Ponderosa Country Estates, Ponderosa Valley Estates and Pine Cone)-is at 15%

Division 7 (Dakota Park and South Fork Small Tract)-is at 9%

Division 8 (Foot Hills #2)-No Cap

Division 9 (Log Haven, Riverstone Estates, Cliffside Shadows, and Rivergate)-is at 20%

Division 10 (Red Bluff, Beaver Mesa)-is at 30%

Division 11 (Hidden Springs and South Fork Ranchos)-is at 5%

Division 12 (Jackson Heights)-is at 18%

List of Permitted STR's

Short Term Rental Waiting List

Printable Short Term Waiting List Application

Online Short Term Waiting List Application

Short-Term Rental Use Approval Requirements for Short-Term Rentals with in the Town Limits of the Town of South Fork

The following criteria shall be met before the Short Term Rental Use Permit is issued. Any violation of these conditions may result in an administrative revocation of this permit. Excessive number of verified complaints associated with the short term rental use of this property may result in an administrative revocation of this permit and could be subject to a fine not exceeding two thousand, six hundred and fifty dollars ($2,650.00) with each day of continued violation being considered as a separate offense. There must be a permanent dwelling on the property to qualify for a Short Term Rental permit.

  1. Payment of $1,500 Short Term Rental Application Fee. This fee includes payment for a Town of South Fork Business License and Life Safety Inspection and is for both new applications and annual renewals of all Short Term Rental Permits.
  2. The Owner must possess a current Town of South Fork Business License; the Business License will be renewed annually for every year the Owner desires to let the premises be used as a short-term rental unit. The Business License may be denied or revoked if the Owner is not in compliance with the terms and conditions of this Permit, as well as other applicable laws. All permits are non-transferrable. All renewal applications and fees shall be due at least thirty (30) days prior to expiration of the existing permit. A thirty-day grace period will be extended to a renewal deadline of an expired permit from the same owner. After thirty (30) days, a new permitting process will be required.  Deadlines and required paperwork will be strictly adhered to and missed deadlines and incomplete paperwork will be grounds for immediate declination of new and renewal permits. Vacated permits under the established cap will be filled on a first come, first served basis.
  3. A life safety inspection shall be ordered on a yearly basis by the Owner, and completed by the Town. Owner shall provide proof of inspection at time of Permit renewal.  Such inspection shall determine the following:
  1. Fire extinguisher shall be mounted to a wall in the kitchen and utility/HVAC area;
  2. Smoke alarms and CO alarms shall be installed outside of each sleeping area door, in the kitchen and in the utility/HVAC area;
  3. Egress/Fire Escape/Ladder; and
  4. Maximum Occupancy Notice(s) shall be clearly posted (1 occupant for every 200 gross square feet of space).
  1. The property owner must display the Town business license number after the name of the business on all advertisements on media sites, i.e.…Big Deer Cabin #1234567.
  2. No trash or garbage shall be left outside. Trash and garbage receptacles will be “bear proof.”
  3. No on-street parking shall be permitted at the rental unit.
  4. Required liability insurance on property.
  5. ATV’s shall comply with all rules, regulations and permitting requirements set forth by the Town of South Fork.  Rules for ATV’s and routes through town shall be posted on the property. 
  6. It is against State law to feed the wildlife
  7. Observe any current fire restrictions for outdoor fires and use of BBQ’s

It is the owner’s and/or applicant’s responsibility to determine if there are any rules, regulations and/or covenants that would impact the ability to use the property as a short-term rental. The Town of South Fork does not enforce HOA/POA covenants or deed restrictions.

The owner of a short term rental (or an owner’s representative) shall reside in Rio Grande County or an adjacent county that shall remain on call for the entire duration of any period in which the property is occupied as a short-term rental.  Contact information for the owner, or owner’s representative shall be listed on the notice of Short-Term Rental Rules and kept on file at Town Hall.  Contact information for the owner or owner’s representative shall also be posted inside of the building in a conspicuous location.

All owners are required to collect taxes from renters of STR and remit to the Department of Revenue in compliance with state requirements;

  1. Specific taxes to be collected are sales tax, which includes State, County, and Local sales tax; Lodging tax; and if applicable, Marketing District tax.
  2. Evidence of the issuance of the Colorado State sales tax license and Lodging Tax is required as a condition of the Town Administrator approval of the permit.
  3. Evidence of payment of Lodging Tax.

The above are typical conditions and the Town at its discretion may develop and publish additional criteria supplementing the above listed requirements. Short-Term Rental policies will be reviewed annually or more frequently at the discretion of the Board of Trustees. The Short Term Rental Use Permit shall be issued upon the recording of the Short Term Rental Permit Agreement by the Town Clerk. The Town Clerk shall not record the Agreement until all requirements listed in the Agreement have been met by the Owner of the Property.