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Sign Permit Information

The Town of South Fork regulates the display and construction of signs. Sign permits are required to ensure all new signs comply with the requirements of the Sign Regulations, and to protect the public from hazardous conditions that result from signs that are unsafe or obscure the vision of motorists.

Signs within the Town of South Fork

A sign is any display or message intended to attract attention. Signs can contain commercial or non-commercial information. Signs include words, pictures, trademarks. See the Town of South Fork Municipal Code.

Do I need a sign permit?

Any sign visible to the public from a street, parking area, mall or other circulation area open to the general public is required to have a sign permit unless the sign complies with the exempt sign provisions.


Sign Permits One Time Fee: $30

Temporary Sign Permits Annual Fee: $10

You can also pay for your Sign Permit online.

Permits and Applications

Fill out our online form or

Download and fill out the online form:

or contact Land Use Administrator Hank Weber at 719-873-0152 or visit the South Fork Town Hall at 0100 Silver Thread Lane for a printed copy.