Business Licensing

Starting or Relocating a Business in South Fork

As the first Colorado Gateway Community for the Continental Divide Trail Coalition, South Fork supports community initiatives for sustainable economic development. It is fortunate to have active business organizations and a community foundation. South Fork's broadband and fiber optic services support entrepreneurial enterprises and home based businesses. If you would like to improve your lifestyle, come to South Fork to live with adventure and work in peace and tranquility. Much more information about relocating or starting your business in South Fork is available through the Upper Rio Grande Economic Development organization.

Registering Your Business/Trade Name:

State of Colorado-Department of Revenue Secretary of State: (303) 894-2200 (also for Raffle/Bingo License)
Rio Grande County (optional) Rio Grande County's Clerk: (719) 657-3334

How to Apply for a Colorado State Sales Tax License

New, Yearly Renewals and Special Events:

The Clerk's Office will be issuing renewal statements for all business licenses on or before the 15th of December. If you do not receive a statement by January 3rd, please contact the Clerk's Office at 719-873-0152. The cost of a business license is $25.00.

2023 Business License Downloadable Application

2023 Online Business License Application

Printable Business Emergency Contact Form

South Fork Municipal Code

Colorado Department of Revenue (303) 866-4359

Colorado Department of Revenue Taxation Division

A business license is required for each special events vendor and business, occupation, or profession within the Town of South Fork which consists of selling goods, wares, merchandise or services; the performing or rendering of services for charge; the leasing, renting or furnishing of accommodation units; and the carrying on or engaging in any non-residential business. Each business conducted at a separate location, regardless of ownership, shall obtain and maintain a separate business license. After obtaining a Colorado Sales Tax Number (license renewed annually) from the State of Colorado, you must apply for a yearly renewable operating license with the Town of South Fork. Each vendor who sells at a special event is required to obtain a business license. This license can be done online if there is ample time prior to the event. It is the event coordinator's responsibility to notify the vendors prior to their event so they can obtain a business license from the State of Colorado and the Town of South Fork.

Please Note:

  • Application must have all requested fields completed. Any incomplete application will be immediately returned to the applicant for completion.
  • Applications must be accompanied with an Emergency Contact Form.

Sales Tax Information:

Owners or their management companies, who lease or rent rooms and accommodations for less than 30 days, must collect and remit the local sales tax. Local sales tax applies to hotels, motels, camping grounds, and short term rentals. Sales tax collection must be remitted by the business owner directly to the Department of Revenue. If you are applying for a new sales tax number, you can obtain forms through the Department of Revenue.

2.9% State Sales Tax
2.6% County Sales Tax
2.0% Town Sales Tax
7.5% TOTAL Sales Tax Collected
2.0% Lodging Tax (For Hotels, Motels, Lodge Hospitalities, B&B's, RV/Cabins and Camping facilities, and Short-term Rentals)
9.5% TOTAL Sales Tax Collected

Rio Grande County Lodging Tax is a separate tax collected in addition to Sales Tax, by the State, and specifically the County, it is commonly know as bed tax. Lodges, motels and any business that provides overnight accommodations are required to collect and remit them to the State of Colorado. The funds collected goes toward advertising, brochures and other methods in an effort to attract visitors to our area. The lodging Tax rate is 2.0%.

Property Tax-Real and or Personal:

The Town of South Fork does not collect Property Tax. All Property Taxes are billed and collected through Rio Grande County. For more information contact:

Rio Grande County Assessor (719) 657-3326
Rio Grande County Treasurer (719) 657-2747