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Liquor Licensing

Liquor License Information

Colorado is a dual-licensing state, meaning liquor license applications are reviewed at both the local and the state level. The South Fork Town Clerk's office acts as a liaison between the applicant and the State. All applications for a new license, a transfer of a license or a renewal of a license must be submitted to the Clerk's office for local approval before being sent to the State Liquor Enforcement Division for review. All liquor licenses are issued for a one year period from the date it was issued. All state and local liquor licenses must be renewed annually.

Town of South Fork Retail Liquor License

Town of South Fork/Colorado Beer and Wine Liquor License

Liquor License Renewal Form

Town of South Fork Bed and Breakfast Permit


The Liquor Licensing application process can take anywhere from six weeks to six months to complete depending on when the application is received, the complexity of the application, the timing of the public hearing, and the workload at the State Liquor Enforcement Division. Therefore, you must communicate with the Clerk's office well in advance of your opening date or, if buying an existing business, well in advance of closing on the sale of the business. Failure to contact the Clerk's office prior to closing on a business may result in interruptions to service and delays in licensing.

Applying for a liquor license requires attention to detail when completing the application and supplying the required supporting documents. Please visit the South Fork Town Hall to obtain an application and to schedule an appointment to go over the application, make revisions, and obtain additional documentation as needed.

Special Event Permits:

A Special Event Permit application must be submitted first to the Town of South Fork Clerk\'s office and can take anywhere from two weeks to thirty days depending on when the application is received. Depending on if there are no objections during the ten day public notification process,then the permit will be processed. If there are objections then a public hearing would take place within the next thirty days. Therefore you must communicate with the Clerk\'s office well in advance of the special event. Failure to contact the Clerk\'s office prior to the special event may result in the application being denied. In order to quality for a Special Event Permit, you must be Nonprofit and one of the following: Social, Fraternal, Patriotic, Political, Athletic, Chartered Branch, Lodge or Chapter, of a National Organization or Society, Religious Institution, Philanthropic Institution, Political Candidate, or Municipality Owning Arts Facilities. The Special Event Permit will only be good for the times and dates specified in the application. If the event is cancelled, the application fees and the day(s) are forfeited. All checks should be made out to the Town of South Fork and not to the state. (C.R.S. 12-48-102 and 12-48-106)

Town of South Fork Special Event Permit Application

Liquor Law and Regulations:

We recommend that you become familiar with the Colorado Liquor Code and Colorado Liquor Rules.

These documents are available on-line at the Colorado Department of Revenue website .

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Application Fees:  
New License Application Fee $1000.00
Transfer of ownership Application Fee $750.00
Late Renewal Application Fee $500.00
Annual Renewal Application Fee $100.00
Art Gallery Permit Application Fee $100.00
Retail License Fees:  
Art License $41.25
Beer & Wine License $48.75
Brew Pub License $75.00
Club License $41.25
Hotel/Restaurant License $75.00
   *Hotel/Restaurant with Optional Premises (each) $75.00
Resort Complex License (each) $75.00
   Additional facility Permit to existing Resort Complex $15.00
Liquor Licensed Drug Store $22.50
Optional Premise License $75.00
Racetrack License $75.00
Retail Liquor Store License $22.50
Tavern License $75.00
Vintners Restaurant License $75.00
Fermented Malt Beverage on/off premises license fee $3.75
Issued Permit Fees:  
Art Gallery Permit $3.75
Bed and Breakfast Permit fee $25.00
Special Events Permits:  
   Malt, Vinous and Spirituous Liquor $100.00
   3.2% Beer/Fermented Malt Liquor $100.00
Mini-bar Permit (attached to H/R license) $48.75
Additional Fees:  
Change of Location $750.00
Change of trade name/corporate name $100.00
Manager Registration $75.00
Art Gallery Renewal Application fee $100.00
Temporary Permit $100.00