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Dog Registration

Registration: Per South Fork Municipal Code 6-4-100

No person shall own, keep or harbor any dog over four (4) months of age within the Town unless such animal is vaccinated, registered and licensed. The provisions of this Article Section do not apply to dogs owned by licensed research facilities or held in a veterinary medical facility or a government-operated or licensed animal shelter.

Each owner must register their dog within thirty (30) days after obtaining such dog over four (4) months of age.

Registration shall include the name and address of the owner and the name, breed, color, age and sex of the animal. The owner shall also pay the prescribed registration fee to the Town Clerk and provide proof of current rabies vaccination.


Registration period and renewal:

The registration period shall be for one (1) calendar year. The vaccination and licensing shall be performed during the months of January and February of each calendar year. Any person who acquires or harbors any dog between March 1 and December 31 of any calendar year, immediately following such acquisition or upon such harboring, shall have the dog vaccinated against rabies and licensed for the remaining portion of that calendar year. New residents must register animals within thirty (30) days of establishing residency. Owners who fail to register animals will be subject to additional delinquent fees.


All dogs shall be vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian, in accordance with the latest "Compendium of Animal Rabies Vaccines and Recommendations for Immunization," published by the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarian.

Certificate of vaccination:

The owner of each dog(s) shall obtain a certificate of vaccination on a form recommended by the Compendium. Each owner shall also obtain a durable vaccination tag indicating the year in which it was issued. The rabies tag must be attached to the collar of the animal. The tag must be worn at all times and is not transferable. The Town Hall shall maintain a record of all registered animals and their owners, and such records shall be available to the Animal Control Officer.

Why Register?

Our main goal is to keep all dogs within the South Fork area safe in the case they should be lost or stolen, either by accident or due to an emergency situation, we want to be able to identify your fur babies and return them to their "paw"-ents. We ask that you be prepared and register your dog today!

Don't have an animal companion yet? Visit a local animal shelter to find yours today!

SLV Animal Center-Dumb Friends League

URGAS Conour Animal Shelter

Humane Society of Pagosa Springs


1 Year License for Spayed or Neutered  $2.00
1 Year License for Unaltered $10.00
Cost for Replacement Tag $2.00

Registration fees shall be waived for dogs serving the blind or deaf or government-owned dogs used for law enforcement. Profits will go towards general operating costs, any extra amounts will be donated to a local animal shelter where animals are taken by the Police Department as needed.

Online Dog License Application

Printable Dog License Application

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